Sunday, December 30, 2018

Just for C, seasonal Faceswap swap...

OK, some unlikely Rock 'n' Roll "mystery Lovechild" for C, who invented it but doesn't usually get to play :)

Who do you think the proud musical Mummy and Daddy were:

Travesty number 1:

Genetic No-no Number 2:

Mad Hatter, Number 3!

The Beautiful People! Number 4

Let me know if you want some clues :o)


C said...

Haha, Yve, brilliant! Thanks for doing this for me, it's so nice to be able to play along for a change :-)
I reckon 1) is Tracey Thorn and... well the male half is foxing me a bit... I thought at first Shane McGowan (that prominent ear!) but can't see any rotten teeth! So I may need a clue for that one please!
2) has to be John Cooper Clark and Debbie Harry. I'd know that mouth anywhere. Quite a fetching combination I must say!
3) must be Dave Hill... but whose eyes? I'm thinking Cyndi Lauper? The result would not look out of place in one of those creaky old horror films, something about vampires and circus freaks perhaps? Poor Cyndi, she just wanted to have fun (if that is her).
4) That's Marc Bolan's mouth for sure. Do the hair and eyes belong to Diana Ross?

Yve said...

I knew you would ace it!

I: definitely Tracey Thorn - she was In the Cold,Cold Night while he was in the in the Cold, Cold Ground. He loves a hat, that guy . ;o)

Cyndi Lauper and Dave Hill look hilarious, but Cooper Clarke and Blondie came out oddly attractive!

C said...

Ah thanks Yve, I'm thinking there's definitely something about our artistic perspective, we hone in on features. I have to pull myself up sometimes, I can be sitting on a train for example and then suddenly realise I may be staring at another passenger for far too long, fascinated by their face, hair, etc. and just enjoying taking it all in - one day I'll get into trouble. (I don't dare do the sketching on a train thing!)

So, no. 1 is Tom Waits! Of course! I'm not sure I would have got it without the extra clues, but now it seems obvious.

I should warn you too - it can become a bit addictive. Find it a great way to unwind over a cold dark post-Christmas evening though - especially when the results take shape - I can see where Dr Frankenstein was coming from...

Thanks again, Yve and Happy New Year!

Yve said...

It sure is Uncle Tom, so you got 100% ;o) I've done that on every train journey too, mentally drawing people from their sleeping faces or reflections in the darkened windows.... until their eyes suddenly flick in my direction with an accusatory glance! We can't help it, just the way our brains work I suppose.

You are so right, it was great fun trying to match up the photos.... there may be more down the line, hee hee....lots of people do Jigsaws in the long nights from Christmas to Spring proper.... I guess this is the same thing really :o)

The Swede said...

I missed all the fun, but these are brilliant Yve!

Yve said...

Hee heee, thank you Swede, they are as fun to create as they are to guess :0)