Friday, April 28, 2017

Moving home for my blog

I've made a lot of changes to my "online presence" (hee hee, what a daft thought) lately, all in an effort to streamline my workload and just make life easier. I have a new website, mainly to showcase my design/illustration portfolio and link to other places you can find me on t'internet. It makes sense to move the blog over there now too. and so from now on, you will find me rambling on about design work, George the cat and maybe even a bit of doll making from time to time.... at:

I also just opened a new downloadable design shop on Creative Market

...and, sadly, due to etsy's heavy handed demand that we all now accept their new inefficient payment system (pretty much instead of Paypal) by May 17th or they will suspend our shops, I have had to empty my etsy shop. I have moved everything over to Folksy.... which feels just like etsy used to in the good old days before they accepted mass produced goods...

So, I hope you will all join me at these new places, and most of all, come and find me on my new blog. All change! :o)

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