Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Male Vampire!

...And finally, for now anyway, a Male Vampire Paper Art Doll! It's not easy trying to find enough really good quality vintage images of men and especially their fashions, for some reason. As the Men of yesteryear used to take so much trouble with their appearance I find that quite astonishing. I was wondering if perhaps, as men were free to visit their tailor whenever they wanted, and see the latest trends in clothing face to face, as they were always out and about in the world, maybe there wasn't the same need for lavishly illustrated clothing catalogues. Women, by and large, tended to stay closeted indoors... at least that is my guess? Here's Viggo, anyway.


C said...

I missed this post somehow - he's very dapper, lovely! I'd never even thought about the male/female clothing catalogue thing but that sounds like a very feasible explanation.

Yve said...

It's weird, Victorian Gents were so well turned out you would expect there to be lots of printed examples of their clothing, but really not so much