Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Araminta WIP pics

Here, finally, are some work in progress photos of the doll I have made for the Cult of Doll project. Her name is Miss Araminta Rookswood, and she is the central figure of the Cult of Doll Almanac who brings together all the  other stories. We will be publishing the Almanac on Issuu this Sunday (24th of April) so check at or Facebook page for the link, it's free!
Not only will you meet the finished Araminta doll and get to read her first adventure, but you will also see, brand new dolls (and read their accompanying stories) by all of our incredibly talented members: Melanie Ashton, Asphyxia, Brian Blacknick, Jenine Davidson, Sarah Faber, Valerie A Gladstone, Gwenda Hague, Hally Levesque, Kailee Maree, Richelle Nicole, Rhissanna and Cynthia Toy. I has been such a joy to work on this and get to bring it to life with such a lovely, creative and jolly nice bunch of artists and I hope lots of people will come and join us to enjoy the results.
Never fear if you can't make it on Sunday, once published it will be there for anyone to read and enjoy forever :o)

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