Thursday, February 4, 2016

29 faces... an extra one!

Really bored this evening, nothing on Tv and too tired and sneezy to work... so drew another quick sketch


C said...

What beautiful eyes!

Just out of interest, do you like to draw men's faces as much? I far prefer drawing females, I wonder if that's the usual way of things?

Yve said...

Oddly enough, when I used to do street portraits (or at events and parties, always nerve wracking) I actually find men more interesting to draw because we women spend all our time trying to make our faces sort of symmetrical and even with make up. I was once at this Book Fair and the local Mayor had stumbled out of the Beer tent, made a speech and then sat down for his portrait and fallen asleep. His PA had wandered off and so he just sat there with his head nodding and snoring like crazy, he was really jowly and "lived in" looking... I was fascinated and I think it was the best thing I ever drew... you never get to keep them though... well, I guess it would be insulting if the sitter didn't want them!!! Tee hee

I think female faces are easier to conjure up from your imagination though, not drawing from life at the mo ;o)

C said...

Yve, I really admire you for doing street portraits, etc. - very daunting and good on you! I know just what you mean about female faces from the imagination, I think that's what it is for me too. Love your story about the Mayor - reminds me too that when life drawing, the characters I've much preferred to draw are the ones with more features - sinews/muscles and/or bones showing, or rolls of fat, or lots of hair, etc. - whether male or female - it's a different thing altogether I guess.

Yve said...

Ha haa, well we certainly got some odd shaped people as Life Class models in Wales, I can tell you... I guess maybe they were self-conscious about their figures until middle Age and then suddenly thought "What the hell" and decided to bare all. They are just as interesting as some perfectly toned god or goddess though, you are right.

The street portraits weren't too bad. Every now and then people would take interest in me, but mostly people look at the drawings and react to them... but doing parties and events, it's almost like you are one of the circus performers and more people notice YOU and want to chat to you. It's difficult to explain but you are somehow playing the part of an "Artist" as well as drawing people. I found that more stressful. Add in that "only sober guest" at the party element as well, and it can get a bit tiring. I don't think I would do one again for love or money!