Thursday, February 11, 2016

29 faces challenge, a familiar face

Feeling really yukky the last few days, just finished some freelance and so did a quick image of a famous Male face... I love drawing people with lived in faces and love cuddly old "Srrrrrrr Ian's" twinkly eyes... he always looks as though he's thinking something a bit naughty - and probably is!

I see lots of people on Etsy and ebay selling their traced celebrity faces and feel a bit turned off by that as you have to use an image that a photographer already put a great deal of effort and thought into. The image is really theirs. So I'm a bit miffed that I couldn't find the name of the photographer who took the original image here!

Obviously you use photographic reference for portraits of people in the news if you are a commercial illustrator or caricaturist... and I do think it's a good exercise every now and then. You still have to make lots of decisions and I think people who are not feeling too confident about drawing faces can gain a lot from it, teaches you to observe very closely :0)

Right, I think I may go back to bed or spend the rest of the day on the sofa because my head feels like a lead weight and my stomach keeps providing a rather ominous soundtrack to proceedings! :o(


Kikka Kainu-Lehto said...

What a great face, You have a strong style to work.

Debi said...

Such a lovely man! Gorgeous image! Was it Anne L? famous photographer maybe or his partner maybe? I hear you on this, there is TOOO much art theving , now I pass it by, but remember who it was!
I hope you recover soooon! 💕xdebi

Linda (Darkroom Dolls) said...

Wonderful drawing of a beautiful man! I too love faces like this :-). Feel better soon!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow this is so impressive.

Sweet Things said...

Stunning work x

Tracy said...

This is wonderful! Love that twinkling eye.