Sunday, October 25, 2015

New dolls in progress

I am actually working on a new type of doll at the moment (I have become obsessed with 1920's Boudoir Dolls) but first I need to finish the Cult of Doll project. I am furiously drawing away on the illustrated "Adventures of Miss Araminta", there is still a lot to do before the January the 3rd publication date. Of course, the heroine will also be making her debut in doll form too!

I have been working on Araminta in little breaks from my freelance work since the beginning of this year. From today I am going to begin slowly leaking the Work in Progress (WIP) pictures on my blog and elsewhere and here are the first 3 images for you. She is a large doll (around 70cms) and an adaption of my old Frost Fairy pattern (here, here and here....ohhh, and here!) and is in the process of getting a huge feather bedecked hat... but you will have to wait for the Almanac to publish to see her finished in all her glory. For now though...


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow this doll is gorgeous!!!!

Yve said...

Thanks so much :o)