Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stop confusing "Skinny" with "Stylish"

Let's just start off on the right foot here: I have no problem with Tall, Skinny People... some of my best friends are Tall, Skinny People (let's call them TSPs!) and even though I regularly battle with my weight these days, before I hit my mid forties I was actually alway pretty happy with my figure and wore whatever I liked and felt good, thank you very much. So this isn't about envy.

Something is really getting on my nerves the last few years though. If you are my vintage then possibly you have also noticed this trend: those "Style Setter" blogs that have popped up all over the place with photos of TSPs (and sometimes shorter Skinny Asian girls) who do not know the difference between a skinny person wearing bad clothes and a stylish person... these blogs are awash with photos of TSPs wearing a crazed hotchpotch of items they seem to have found at a jumble sale or maybe they just fell in one of those charity donation dumpsters.

Sometimes - OK,  they do look amazing. But very often the clothes themselves look horrible They are badly fitting and randomly accessorised They just look like pretty much everyone does on those days when the laundry basket is overflowing and you have to turn to that awful pair of jeans that you bought in the cheap Supermarket (they were in a bin next to a pair of extendable hedge-trimmers and a pogo stick.... you know where I mean!) have always meant to take in (or over-dye or, well... ANYTHING because while they were "too cheap not to buy" they don't actually fit well, the arse and knees keep the impression of your seated body long after you stand up and they creak loudly when you walk!) an old T shirt that you spilled emulsion on and forgot to wash before it went stiff and that baggy shirt that you found stuffed down the back of the sofa, think probably isn't even yours and smells a bit suspect (yay for Fabreeze!) all finished off with a slightly too big pair of shoes the dog has chewed. You only remember that they rub and that one heel is dodgy (that was why you put them in the bin in the first place) when you are half way round aforementioned cheap Supermarket again with a loaded trolley of more cheap items you will probably never use and a bag of vegetables destined to go off the second you unpack them onto your kitchen counter... or is it just me who has days like these?

Anyway, when I go out dressed like that I spend the whole day hoping not to bump into anyone I know - And, yes, I feel like a "Bag of S**T" - because I am average height, middle aged and kind of "billowy" round the middle. No fashion blog would feature me in my "emergency ensemble" and say "Wow, this gal's got it going on!" (OK maybe non of them would ever say that, but you know what I mean)... and yet if I were a TSP, those blogs would be falling over themselves to feature my pic in my "Abandon All Hope Scenario Outfit" because everything kind of hangs a bit better off TSP's.... but I still wouldn't be stylish no matter what they say. The problem these bloggers seem to have is that they cannot get their heads around the fact that what they are admiring/envying, is the fact that the person wearing the clothing is tall and skinny... that is the part they actually aspire to... and the insinuation is that if only we were tall and skinny too, then anything will look good on us. Not true, I would just look like a tall, skinny badly dressed woman instead of an average height, plump, badly dressed woman.

TSP's can be stylish of course. Fat people can be very stylish, old people can be incredibly stylish (probably because they have long ago given up caring what the self appointed fashion-twits think) and guess what? Even podgy, middle aged, average height people can be stylish on good days when they make the effort. Style is about what you pick out, the cut of the clothing, the colour combinations and having the confidence to wear it. Style is not a TSP wearing ANYTHING.

To prove my case here are two images I was emailed this morning from Career Girl Daily (I have never signed up to have them email me!@ and so feel justified in sharing!)

These are the new "stylish" jeans and this is how to wear them to look "Stylish".... sorry, they both just look tall and skinny but in ill fitting dumpster clothing: