Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Places you will find me

Blogging has kind of lost it's appeal for me, but I can still be found at the following places:


Cult of Doll:


and of course, my Etsy Shop:


Linda said...

Hi Yve, it's been a while :-). I'm glad you have a Flickr account, I'll follow you there. Linda (ex-NightOwl)

Yve said...

Hi Linda, yes... I just seem to have drifted away - Facebook is easier to have Doll Group meetings and message boards so I just wind up going there a lot now :o)

C said...

I hope if you ever just have the urge to say something on any old random subject you might still keep this open just in case and write it here...(?) I've always enjoyed your posts, especially your thoughts and views, and I don't have the doll connection. But I do understand the drifting away thing!

Yve said...

Hiya C! I still read blogs pretty much everyday, I always check out yours, it just hasn't occurred to me to write anything in ages. But, I'm sure like one of those ranting loonies who yell their theories about the world on traffic islands, I will get the urge to share my thoughts again one day. I thought it would be good to let anyone wanting info on the dolls (which I rarely get time to make these days, but the intention is still there!) now they know where to find me :o)