Friday, February 27, 2015

State of Play

OK, my Etsy shop will remain closed until Esty reinstate the Art Doll or Doll as Adult Collectible item categories that they so recently abolished without any consultation with their sellers and no warning. Or at least give us an alternative that let's us comply with Trading Standards regulations. I have a lot of new items almost finished but simply cannot risk having someone buy them believing they are suitable for a child now that they have been recategorised as TOYS by the numpty's at Etsy. When bombarded with reminders that this breaks EU Trading Standards regulations and also US legislation, Etsy's pathetic response has been that as sellers it is our responsibility to state clearly that our items are not toys. DOH!!! It's like something out of a farce! As one disgruntled seller commented on the already 220+ page spleen venting thread, that's like a grocery store putting Whiskey in the beverage aisle among all the pops and assuming there will be no repercussions 'because it says Alcohol on it".

My confidence in Etsy staff to sort out this mess was not strengthened by a video chat with two of their Tweenie staff, a girl who seemed surprised by almost every word coming from her own mouth and a tattooed toddler in a beany hat (seriously, indoors?) who thought everything was "awesome!" It's not AWESOME, darling, it looks like a big pile of steaming cat doo-doo from where I am standing! Some hair raising reading on the recent changes Etsy have made in the last few years here and here, I used to love Etsy so much and just want it back like it used to be when it was about Handmade.

I am investigating other options and may even list the new items on this blog for sale in the next few weeks. I am holding off paying Folksy any more listing fees for the new items after I took a stroll through the chat forums and the vibe is generally not that positive, with lots of complaints from sellers about the fact that Folksy don't advertise and so traffic is quite low. A Folksy representative did take the time to explain that their revenue from sales is tiny so that it means they effectively have no adverting budget... seems a very odd business model to me.

Right now, creating my own website again with a shopping cart seems attractive but I need to do more research, watch this space... plus I will soon be showing more prototypes for the upcoming Coach House workshops and some new dolls... I refuse to be beaten :o)

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