Saturday, February 21, 2015

Etsy Sadness

This morning I moved my 2 vintage bottle Art Dolls to my new Folksy shop, to give it a try and see how things work over there. Sad that there is no category for "Adult Collector's Bears, Dolls and Miniatures" at Folksy... but then there is no longer one on Etsy either. Just have to give it a try though and have reduced the price on these 2 dolls. They had to be listed as "Art- Sculpture- People" which isn't ideal but do come up under the search for "Art Doll"... only 4 pages, and mainly seems to be lace and elastic supplies... go figure as they say!

I am so sad at the things happening at Etsy right now. I have been there for years, both as Nightshade Dolls and my first shop "Freaky Little Things". I have always loved the clean look of the site and the low fees. It was really dedicated to small home businesses, artist and crafters and felt like a community with a shared spirit a lot of the time. I hope those things resurface but sadly, of late, those things seem to be getting lost.

The first really worrying difference in attitude was when they decided to change the definition of 'Handmade' from "handmade by you" to "handmade by some poor soul in Asia on a slave wage"... how is that any different to "Mass Produced"? At least a third of all the items you see in High Street shops now qualify to be listed on Etsy and it is becoming impossible for genuine crafters to get seen in the sea of mass produced tat now masquerading as "handmade".

The biggest shame for me personally has been this weeks sudden category changes. They have caught a lot of us on the hop and I wasn't happy to find that my adult collectible "Art Dolls" had suddenly been reclassified by Etsy as "Toys" and lumped in with all the children's dolls. This puts me in a very dodgy position regarding Trading Standards, my dolls are definitely not suitable for children but thanks to Etsy, the association is being made in potential buyers minds. Most of the sellers affected (Dolls, Bears, Doll House Miniatures) are busy lobbying etsy staff and there has finally been an announcement that this category will be looked into in March. I hope they finally create a distinction between "Adult Collectibles" and "Toys" to keep those looking for child safe items well away from our listings and so we can all comply with the Law.

Bad timing, as after a year away from doll making I currently have quite a little mountain of bodies and limbs on my work desk right now and was expecting to start listing new dolls from mid March. I want to stay in love with Etsy but I guess the move to Folksy is a trial separation :o(


mira said...

I am in the same situation. It is very sad. I´ve written to Etsy and I think, if a lot of people do the same, maybe Etsy will change one´s mind, I hope it. Good luck....

Yve said...

fingers crossed that they listen to us