Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snow lay all around... deep and crisp and... flipping slippery

Drove over to my Mum's for Boxing Day lunch and was supposed to stay there until late evening as other visitors were coming too. We all go there... then after and hour or so we all had to leave as in the meantime it began to snow heavily... REALLY heavily. It had been on the weather forecast but as Christmas day had been mild enough for T-Shirts... well, we took it all with a pinch of salt...

Sadly, the county Council had done no such thing and hadn't bothered to grit the roads (hhhmmm, this is North Wales after all, it's not like we have any steep narrow bendy roads with stone walls either side is it?) so after about 20 minutes of my tiny, light Ka sliding all over the roads and going backward when it tried to go up the steep hill, I turned round and went back to my Mum's Non-central heated house planning to sleep on the sofa. :o(

Eventually my Brother appeared with his trusty Volkswagen and took me back to Caerwys up in the hills, we had a few slidey moments and passed quite a few abandoned cars, but at least I did get to sleep in my warm own bed. I also got to see my little 2 and a half year old cat, George, overcome his terror of snow. As we used to live by the coast in Rhuddlan he'd never seen it before to be fair and now his very first experience of snow was at several inches deep and still coming down strong. Every time I'd open the front or back door for him to venture out he would back up and look at me as if to say "What the hell did you do to my world?" It took several false starts but eventually a big round furry belly full of Turkey got him to venture out into the whiteness. Bless.

Needless to say, despite snowing all night, it's since rained and now all we have to show for it is slush everywhere!


C said...

Ooh, snow! I still get a bit excited about it - well, as long as I don't have to actually go out in it, so I do sympathise with you. We haven't had any here so far - just hard frost. Loving the image you've evoked of George's reaction - it reminded me of my own childhood cat. She was a bit of a wuss!

Yve said...

He considers himself a snow veteran now ;o) It has snowed/sleeted/thawed and then refrozen time and again since Boxing Day and my garden is now under a weird semi transparent covering of ice with what look like small polystyrene balls suspended in it (hail I guess)... very odd. Tonight I assume it is finally warming up as every 20 minutes or so, there is a thundery whoosh as someone's roof covering slides down into the street - often setting off car alarms and startling pets and passers by. I guess we can tick Winter off the list now