Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mermaids ahoy!

Before my back went this morning (where did it go you ask?) I managed to print out 2 of my new Mermaid paper art dolls ad put them in the etsy shop. They have been cut out (how flipping fiddly - why do I always make them so intricate???) and assembled and look lovely in their packaging. Sadly my rather ambitious use of 350gsm sating card in a domestic printer resulted in a cr*p-tacular paper jam and as I can't bend down anymore....well, you will have to wait a while longer to see the other 2 fishy gals I have finished drawing up ;o)


Night Owl said...

Hi Yve, I finally made a choice and ordered one of your lovely mermaids on Etsy :-). It was not easy to choose, I like everything. I hope you feel better soon!

Yve said...

Hi Owly, thanks for the purchase and good choice btw ;o) I am currently quite happily floating around in a cloud of painkillers so feel a bit like a dressing gown clad mermaid myself... yay :o)

Georgina said...

Lovely work as always, Yve. I love what you've been doing as of late.

As for The Dia De Los Muertos, it's gone global. Here on the border, it's something we've seen all our lives, collecting small toy skeletons, visiting our deceased relatives in their place of rest, buying sugared skulls for our displays, enjoying "pan muerto,_ or dead bread!! LOL Actually, it's delicious...I make it every year now.

Many of my friends and colleagues are upset that non-Latino folks are getting into the frenzy, without any background on the traditions and the history. I say, let everyone have fun...I know the traditions and the history and if anyone wants to know, biggie!! Better yet, Google it!! LOL

Well, need to run...have more little "calaveras" (skeletons) to create and bring to life!! Thank you for coming by and letting me know there are some folks out there still enjoying the blogs. Take care, my friend, and "Hola" from El Paso, Texas!! Yes, you must come Mexican food and tequila around!!


Night Owl said...

Hi Yve, I'm very happy with my beautiful paper doll, you are a great artist! Hugs x

Yve said...

Hi Georgina, hugs as ever x

Night Owl, so glad you love your mermaid :o) I wish I could say the printer is loving the new 350gsm card I print them on but it really grumbles and throws hissy fits. That card is wonderful for cutting more intricate shapes though. I have lots of paper engineering planned so I hope the printer hold out! ;o)