Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Doll Classes - an apology

Earlier in the year I mentioned that I hoped to do doll classes in the Autumn at a location somewhere in North Wales... well, this year has not gone to plan (do they ever?) and I have been working much longer hours than I had expected and also had a few health issues which have made me decide to mend my ways. I am trying to break that habit of a lifetime and no longer push myself to exhaustion trying to multi-task to the point of insanity.

That's a round about way of saying, sorry, something had to give (actually, several things!) and I am afraid it was the classes. If you were hoping to come and make lovely art dollies with me this Autumn I am afraid it isn't going to happen and I am not going to make any promises that it will in the near future. I would have really enjoyed doing them and it would have been a lot of fun meeting new people, but a lot of planning goes into doing those kinds of things and I simply have not had the time. I continue to dabble with doll making when I have a bit of down time, but it has been very scare in the last 10 months and so I haven't finished a single art doll this year.... I will get there though, I am no longer going to beat myself up about these things... all in good time ;o)

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Leaders said...

I have been doing a lot of the same experiments as yourself. One of the things I have read and works is to cover straws with either paper play or two-part sculpting epoxy. These make excellent legs and arms. Another thing I have seen in the past are the small copper tubes which are used in air conditioning or refrigeration. The copper tubes are easy to cut to length and cover with things such as polymer clay. With those sort of tubes polymer clay will work because the copper tube is strong enough to support the Klay. My own experiments equipment and materials can be found on my blog at craftygirl.me . Two part epoxy is especially good for working with ball jointed dolls because it is a strong material. You can also find plumbers putty in your local hardware store. This comment was meant for another of your posts but for some reason I had trouble getting it to post. I hope you have not given up on ball jointed dolls I've been reading through and it seems you're working on cough dolls currently if you look at Pinterest you will see that there are cloth ball jointed dolls as well. Best of luck and I will be watching. If you ever want help or to bounce ideas off each other contact me