Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Doll Classes - an apology

Earlier in the year I mentioned that I hoped to do doll classes in the Autumn at a location somewhere in North Wales... well, this year has not gone to plan (do they ever?) and I have been working much longer hours than I had expected and also had a few health issues which have made me decide to mend my ways. I am trying to break that habit of a lifetime and no longer push myself to exhaustion trying to multi-task to the point of insanity.

That's a round about way of saying, sorry, something had to give (actually, several things!) and I am afraid it was the classes. If you were hoping to come and make lovely art dollies with me this Autumn I am afraid it isn't going to happen and I am not going to make any promises that it will in the near future. I would have really enjoyed doing them and it would have been a lot of fun meeting new people, but a lot of planning goes into doing those kinds of things and I simply have not had the time. I continue to dabble with doll making when I have a bit of down time, but it has been very scare in the last 10 months and so I haven't finished a single art doll this year.... I will get there though, I am no longer going to beat myself up about these things... all in good time ;o)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mermaids ahoy!

Before my back went this morning (where did it go you ask?) I managed to print out 2 of my new Mermaid paper art dolls ad put them in the etsy shop. They have been cut out (how flipping fiddly - why do I always make them so intricate???) and assembled and look lovely in their packaging. Sadly my rather ambitious use of 350gsm sating card in a domestic printer resulted in a cr*p-tacular paper jam and as I can't bend down anymore....well, you will have to wait a while longer to see the other 2 fishy gals I have finished drawing up ;o)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mermaids, swimming into the shop

I am just waiting for some more card to arrive and then my latest Paper Art Dolls will go into the etsy shop, probably at the weekend. This time I have for you an entire shoal of Rococo mermaids wearing corsets and opera gloves, one has a ship in her wig and all are festooned with pearls... well, I know I would be if I was a mermaid ;o) Once these are printed out I am going to finish one of my cloth and clay art dolls in just time for Halloween (fingers crossed!)