Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Cloth Doll pattern - prototype

I have been working very long hours so far this year and so my time for Nightshade Dolls is pretty limited but I have been working away at lots of little projects in the wee small hours... hence the fact that I often come stumbling into the morning sunlight next day with tiny blinky eyes like a mole!

I am still hoping to do some doll making classes later in the Autumn and so I am currently working on a printed pattern. It is to be an original doll, Hortense, who has a very vintage vibe. I will sell the basic pattern in my etsy shop, it will be suitable for adventurous beginners. The classes will take the same basic pattern and add plenty of twists and techniques so that each class member will take home an OOAK truly original art doll at the end. I hope to teach more advanced techniques for sculpting, using gesso and paperclay and how to antique your dolls with various paint and crackle techniques. All that and thinking about how to incorporate vintage and recycled scraps to make for more interesting vintage outfits for your dolls.

That's the plan anyway, just hope I have enough time to get all this together. I have finished the pattern, made my 2nd prototype doll (pictured before tea dying) and am now tweaking the step by step instructions to make everything as easy as possible to follow. Phew... keep watching this space! ;o)


Deborah Darling said...

she looks lovely, I have alot of patterns , its about time i put some on etsy, but i dont seem to get around to it, Youre such an inspiration, your work is lovely, even though you have such a busy life xxx gorgeous !

Yve said...

Thanks Deborah :o) I would love to see some of your animal patterns myself :o)

Cockney Jules said...

Hi, I have just come across your doll pattern and love it ! Please do produce it for sale on etsy and I shall be one of the first in line to buy it. Would be great to download it or mail order, but I really hope you can put it on sale. Really nice work, Best Wishes, Julia