Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tea Dying disaster

 have been ill in bed for the last few days (as soon as I put it in writing that I hardly ever get migraines anymore, wouldn't you know it?) so finally feeling a little more human this evening, I decided to do a spot of tea dying. I want to make an new outfit for my BJDs, they need to do some hat modelling and also I want to take photos for the Mad Tea Party blog event hosted by Fanciful Twist on the 12th of July. So I figured I would just tea dye lots of different fabrics, new and vintage and see what turned out best...

Good idea, except 20 minutes into my dying session with a flotilla tea bags floating blythely around in the sink, refusing to cause more than the slightest colour change in the fabrics, I decided to try something else. I mixed up some gravy stock cubes and poured those in on top. Bad idea. My mum has always sworn that during the war British women dyed their legs with "gravy browning" and drew lines up the back to imitate nylon stockings... that is as maybe but it had very little visible effect on my fabrics. It had rather a strong effect on their smell though!

So much so that George, my young fluffy chap, was very interested indeed when I went to peg it all on the line. So much of the fabric remnants are now extra-distressed and full of cat claw holes from someone who got a bit over excited by the beefy aroma. Lord!

The end result... no change there then!

Captain Beef-nostrils


C said...

Well, I'd herad of tie-dying but never of tea-dying - you learn something new every day! Although I do remember in my naive teens using cold tea on my skin as fake tan (and it worked well as long as you didn't go out in the rain!)

Those fabrics look gorgeous hanging out on the line there, very Victorian/Edwardian. Cat looks gorgeous too.

Hope you're all better now as well.

trappedintimedesigns said...

I tea-stained for the first time last year, and it took FOREVER. I used a ridiculous, slovenly amount of tea bags and left the fabric in for around 4 times the time called-for. Still didn't get quite the look I was going for, and dyed the item a second time. Lucky for me, it was to be a very distressed item, and dirt took over after the second dying attempt. ;)

Sewing Box Designs said...

Not a bit of remorse, either. >.<;;
Cats, gotta love them when they're that cute.

Yve said...

Had a disastrous week all told, that was actually on Tuesday and a few hours later I was ill all over again! Feeling a bit better today though, finally. Mr Beefy has had to amuse himself.

Tea dying usually works really well to give that vintage look, but either I used the wrong brand of bag (tee hee) or there were too few bags for the amount of water I used. Hardly any effect at all :o( Thankfully the rain took care of the beef gravy smell as it all got left out for nearly 48 hours.