Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Getting so tired of all this soft-core wishy washy 'girls love to be throttled' cr*p that seems to flood Tumblr these days. Pictures like this one below reblogged by lots of teenage (I presume?) girls who really ought to know better.

I would just like to state for the record that any guy who puts his hand round my throat better be prepared for a swift sharp implement up the jacksie and the fact that I will shortly after be wearing his no-good testicles as earrings. Is this the legacy of all that "90 shades of beige" twaddle?


C said...

Oh god, I didn't realise this was now a popular theme and being delivered in a supposedly 'palatable' way. You'd have thought after Nigella etc that people might have a better perspective!
I'm all for a bit of SubDom in the right context and what anyone gets up to consentingly in private is none of my business but there's no doubt in my mind that showing pics of a girl having her neck throttled like it's nothing unusual is beyond the bounds (no pun intended) Not good.

Gorgeous profile pic btw, Yve!

Sewing Box Designs said...

It's just the sort of thing that appeals to brain washed, insecure little ninnies who value themselves so little they will do anything to "get a man". The recent shootings here in California by that misogynist low life prove that there are a majority of men who fully believe and buy into the whole "women are just a herd of dumb animals" thing. Sad that a large portion of the female population backs that thinking up with 'advertising' like this.
Frankly I feel no pressing urge to defend them, but I do agree, we have the right to defend ourselves from savages.

Yve said...

I find myself scratching my head so often lately at the truly STUPID stuff that a lot of young women seem to buy into. There is no consistency. I am with you C, what ever consenting adults get up to in private is their own business but the fact that so many people reblog these images (the comment "Fully HIS" is what made me really see red) sends out a dodgy message.

I don't know if you watched that programme about first dates last night, but again I sensed this willingness of young women to offer themselves up as objects, to devalue themselves. This is women sending out a very wrong message to young men. You can't blame the guys when the girls are cooing and squeeing about this sort of cr*p.

PS< thanks C, I might change it though because I look like I have no teeth! ;o)

Abi said...

Seriously? whatever next.