Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of an era

Hi, congrats to Virginia for being the only entrant to my competition and therefor the WINNER of the giveaway! Yay!!! Unfortunately, Google won't give me your email address so I need you to contact me through my etsy shop please:

Then I can get your address and send off the doll.

So, this has kind of confirmed what I have suspected for quite some time, that either no-one reads my blog anymore OR no-one actually cares about my work... so, as blogging takes up time I could put to better use, there is no point in continuing. It has been really good fun and I met some lovely people along the way, some of you I will still chat to elsewhere but mostly they were "brief bloggy encounters" and that's fine too. So I guess this has run it's course....

'bye to anyone who reads this and enjoy life... it's my Birthday tomorrow and so that is what I am off to do right now... Yve xxx :o)


C said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Yve!

Please don't lose faith in your art here or your blogging appeal, I always like to read what you have to say and thoroughly enjoy seeing your creations, as I'm sure many do. My own blogging and commenting is fairly sporadic and/or a bit rushed at best at the moment due to so much else going on - I flit - c'est la vie!

Perhaps you could keep FLD open anyway just in case you feel like returning to it again some time, I hope you will.

Yve said...

If you can't be melodramatic on your birthday.... well, if you are me (which I am) then melodrama is a daily occurrence of course....

but will probably blog from time to time just out of habit but it's so weird that no-one ever replies anymore... and I can't reply to other people because of the all number codes. It's become a far less interactive experience.

I just told someone else that blogging has become like wandering out into an empty field and yelling your thoughts at the sky... except even then you would get a round of applause from the crows!

Virginia Crawford said...

Hehe, blogging IS like that! Good analogy :) My blog is the same - few followers (that I know of) and it's very rare for anyone to comment. While I was reading my blog list last night I noticed that some of my favourite blog (usually costume or tailoring related) don't get comments either. I'm going to make more of an effort to comment so that the bloggers know that I'm out there and that I enjoy their blogs.