Sunday, March 30, 2014


Arrrggghhhh, got it wrong! I pt my clocks back an hour instead of forward. DOH.


Georgina said...

I hate daylight savings time. Around here in the desert region of the Southwestern part of the U.S., we don't need it!! It's up to the individual states to apply this time change, but Arizona (a section of Hell during the summer) is the only state that did away with it.

Oh well, at least you realized it...sigh!! Have a good week, Yve, and if you can, use it as an excuse for coming into work late!! LOL


Yve said...

Hee hee, don't even get to use it for my own ends as I work from home! Must be pretty awesome to live near in desert though? I love it here in the mountains, always so rainy though... we could do with a little "arid" ;)

hugs xx

Papillon Bleu said...

He! He! He! I hope hou have caught up with things now!
It is always nice to hear from you Yve. Am such a bad blogger. I used to live for my blog! Oh dear.
What's happened to me? Thank God there are still loyal dolly friends like you on Blog land. :-)