Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Blues, anyone?

The lead up to Christmas was so intensive, trying to get so much made and finished, juggling freelance work  and the inevitable present buying frenzy. Then it all stopped abruptly, Christmas itself was a disorienting change of pace - and to be honest dragged on way too long  - I don't think I am a fan of mid-week Christmas!

Anyway, the decorations have been packed away and the New Year begun... except where is my sparkle? When am I going to start all those projects I have been planning? I forced myself to do book-keeping for the last few days and as ever dealing with numbers, and the tension they cause in my head (I have written about Dyscalculia before) has robbed me of all my get up and go. Either that or the insanely stormy weather.

I so need 2014 to be a better year, and yet I cannot find the enthusiasm for it right now. I just want to crawl back under the duvet and doze there until April.


C said...

It's a funny old time of year though isn't it, not helped by a pervading air of expectation, which just adds to the pressure. I still can't help but stay an extra hour under the duvet until the days get a bit longer. It's deep midwinter, I reckon we're allowed to feel this way!

Yve said...

The weather has been insane as well, that never helps. Roll on Spring is all I say ;o)

Irene Ellis said...

I totally agree with you Yve, I feel somewhat deflated also, but I raised a smile at that adorable little pug sitting there quite proudly on the table. I just love pugs and I'm desperate to own one but a I have one rescue cat left who deserves to finish her life in the luxury she has become accustomed to, and then I will hopefully get one. :)

Yve said...

It's just a photo I found, sadly, I too am Pugless! I love them though, such funny little things... maybe that is why we feel low... we don't have a pug to cheer us up? ;o)