Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carry on Sherlock? actually, please don't!

AND the fact that my favourite TV show has just descended into a Farce, quite literally, isn't helping lift my mood...

I LOVE Sherlock, but I have a horrible feeling our affair is over, after The Wedding episode. It should have been called Carry On Sherlock or Sherlock, Actually or 4 Weddings and an attempted Murder (a case so stiflingly stupid a 7 year old solved it for our distracted Consulting Detective, who had filled his brain so full of napkin folding trivia and place settings that couldn't even remember his own character as a result). I presume the fact that he kept mentioning that he was a "High Functioning Sociopath" and not a very nice person throughout the episode (and the interminably long Best Man's speech) was to try and remind Cumberbatch how the hell he was supposed to play this suddenly very altered personality?

What a huge pile of absolute twaddle! So sad to see such an enjoyable show go down the toilet in the space of 90 minutes. It's as though the writers have started to believe all the hype and assume they could throw boring old Conan Doyle out of the window and recreate the great detective as a comedy character, the sad sack side-kick of clever Doctor Watson who can actually manage to get a woman pregnant. We only get 3 episodes a series, I enjoyed the return but this final episode on Sunday has got to be spectacular to redeem itself for me now. Sadly I might be just sticking with my 2 series box set and crying my eyes out when Sherlock commits suicide at the end, because I will just have to wipe series 3 from my mind.

I might have to rewind to this moment. The phrase "No Sh*t, Sherlock" came to mind watching the wedding fiasco, what a shame!


Georgina said...

You had me laughing at "Twaddle!" I've never heard that term, however, I have heard, on occasion, a facsimile of that word!! LOL I haven't seen that series, but I did read the book many years ago!! Now what would Sir Arthur Conan Doyle say??

That seems to be the M.O. of many television series. They take an absolutely wonderful story, grab your attention, then as it gains popularity, it turns to dreck...I think the show writers become bored and think that they need to turn the character/characters into bumbling or outrageous idiots.

Oh well, sometimes, you just need to use that off switch and grab a good book. Happy trails, my friend.


Yve said...

I love the word Twaddle, always a favourite, I just didn't think I would ever be using it in connection to this show. If it ever comes on in your neck of the Woods/Desert, watch series one and two, really great fun... then maybe STOP! ;o)

Kathleen Collins said...

Hello! I had to laugh at your response to the wedding episode of Sherlock. Amazing how people view things differently. I found it extremely enjoyable. I think it gave depth to the relationship between the two main characters- humorously illustrating Sherlock's inabilities and dependency on Watson. I agree with you in that I hope for the "old Sherlock" back in the next episode, but having a chance to see him on the shortest pub crawl in history that ended with vomit and incarceration was a unique experience. Just my thoughts. Kathy

Yve said...

Thankfully yes, we do all see things differently and I get the impression a lot of people liked that episode, but it left me feeling very flat and worried about the sudden change in direction. There were a lot of very funny moments, and yes they are developing the characters but they were doing that during their cases anyway. It just seemed a bit cavalier to devote a whole 90 minutes to the friendship aspect and little else. This is the same man who didn't know the earth goes round the sun because he doesn't want trivia clogging up his brain?!?

Tee hee, maybe I am just taking it all too seriously, that's because trivia is all there is room for in MY brain! I loved the first 2 series so much, though, and really looked forward to having them back, the final episode did go some way to winning me round, but the niggle of doubt is there now!

Kathleen, don't worry, you should hear me ranting about series 3 of The Waking Dead! Maybe I just don't like 3rd series that much ;o)