Sunday, January 12, 2014

...and pigs might swim!

I always love to read the comments people leave on my blog, and it comes naturally that I always want to reply to what they say. Often (but not always) when I leave a comment on someone else's blog I go back a week or so later and always enjoy their replies, even if they are not specific to my comments (some people get dozens of comments!), it's kind of an extended dialogue.

A lot of my blog posts, the rambling ones where I am talking about anything other than doll making... that's kind of me thinking out loud if you like. Maybe no-one in my immediate circle has any thoughts on that subject, so I come here to sound it out, comments are particularly cool on those posts!

Just before Christmas I read quite a long post by a fellow UK doll maker who sounded as though she felt quite down and isolated. Questioning why she feels the need to keep making and filling up her shop with dolls that don't sell. I was moved to make what I hoped was a reassuring comment, or one that showed she was not alone anyway. She has never replied and this intrigued me, I have read a lot of her posts now, almost all very long and wordy, very much about her intense working process and if she gets replies she never answers, never enters any kind of dialogue. So for her I guess the blog is just a sounding post, an online notebook for her to write down her thoughts, but she is not interested in making connections through it.

It has made me think about my own blog and the conclusion I came to is that I am so thankful for those of you who read my often incoherent doodlings and very, very grateful for those precious replies. I live alone (don't pity me, after 2 decades of very fun filled house sharing I finally decided it was time to go it alone and am loving every minute of it!) but never feel isolated because even on those days where I stay here and don't do any real-world socialising, I get lots of emails and Skype and the lovely surprise of snippets and comments and simple Hellos from people across the globe. It feels like a privilege to be honest! So thanks for your support and keep them coming please... :o)

And if anyone is still feeling the January Blues, I have found spending a little on-line time with those adorable Bahamian Swimming Pigs does the trick! ;o)


Georgina said...

I had a wonderful friend, Anne, who hailed from Indiana, here in the U.S. of A. She would always respond to her comments, so we, her blog followers, would always make it a habit of returning to her blog to read her come-backs, which were usually hysterical. Unfortunately, Anne passed last Oct. of ovarian cancer and I do miss her greatly. She and I would have these "marathon" chats on the phone and our conversations always turned to much laughter...she was a gem.

We are in an age where we can make friends from everywhere in the globe and I for one, am thankful for those wonderful people that I've had the privilege of knowing throughout my blogging experience, and now FB, which has reconnected me to many old acquaintances, friends and have made new friends, as a result.

Thankfully, I am also very fortunate to have friends here in my hometown, "the Pearl of the desert Southwest, Gateway to Juarez, Mexico!!" LOL I recall a comedian referring our city in that capacity. However, even if it was intended to be sarcasm, I still found it quite funny.

Oh lord, I think I've gone on a I go tracking again. Ok, what was the question??? Just kidding. Thank you for your friendship, Yve. I don't think I've ever met another Welshman/woman...Welshperson...
what's the PC way of saying it???!!?? LOL What I was saying, I enjoy reading about your life, work and all rants...great stuff!!

I shall close with:

Abrazos (hugs in espanol),

Yve said...

Well, from now on I will think of you as the Pearl of the West, Georgina. I remember you talking about Anne and her sad passing. I hope you are coping without her, it is strange when someone very vibrant and fun is gone. It doesn't seem possible somehow.

I am ashamed to say I don't even know what Hugs is in Welsh! "Cutch" is the nearest thing I can think of, that's like snuggling up! tee hee...

Nos Da, Amigo! x :o)

C said...

(Grrr.. just wrote a long comment and it disappeared I went to publish it, will try and remember what I said!)...

Something along the lines of...

Well I feel the same way, Yve - I love to pop in and share thoughts on various subjects and really appreciate comments on my more personal ramblings too, it feels like someone is listening and understands! Whilst I don't live alone, I work alone as you know and I just don't spend enough time in the company of others, getting different viewpoints or whatever, so blogging inevitably makes up for that to a point. A virtual social life! I guess not everyone looks at it like that, but I'm very glad of the interactive element as well as the outlet. And very glad to have 'met' you here too!

Those little piggies are gorgeous - I'd seen them on that travel ad but it was only on seeing your pic that I decided to look them up and discovered the full tale of their luxurious island life. Lucky things!

(now publish this, blogger, pleeeease..!)

Yve said...

That is so funny, I saw both comments and tried just to publish the later one but both have popped up!!

Yes, I definitely miss the art studio atmosphere and just chewing the fat while you work. Blogging is keeping a bit of that random chit chat in our lives. I guess we have different aims too, when I read your blog, C, I feel as though you are a budding writer, you are working on your prose style and it is developing as we go along. I find that aspect as interesting as the content of what you post. It is lovely to have that window into people's lives really, people we will never meet and don't really know, but definitely have connections with.

Those pigs really have found Hog heaven ;o)

Abi said...

Oh I love those pigs. I really miss mine :(
Since re-starting my blog, I have always been intrigued about the process of comments, and replies etc... If I do a mammoth blog read, and the blogger doesn't reply by email, I never know if my comment got a reply, until the next time I visit, and then I may not have time to search for it...I started to reply via email too, but then it looks like I never reply on my blog, so I now copy and paste my comment onto my blog too. Sounds crazy, but it solves my problem, I think!!

Abi said...

Oh, and also, some blogs can't be commented on... that seems odd, especially when I want to comment and can't. I assume they really are just using it for personal documentation, which is fair enough :)

Yve said...

You need a new Pig, and a swimming pool for it to swim around in ;o)