Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doll making classes update

Wow, I think I got a bit carried away with all my plans before Christmas and have royally over booked myself! I sat down this evening and worked out a schedule for all the little projects I have committed to for the first 6 months of this year and realised I need to put a few things on the back burner.

So I am now thinking I will push any ideas for doll making classes back to the Summer. I won't try and pin down any definite dates now but need to give myself a bit more planning time, to create and road test a new pattern and also find a suitable venue. Anyway, one thing less to worry about during the next few months! I will keep the email list of those who have expressed interest and be in touch later on :o)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

...and pigs might swim!

I always love to read the comments people leave on my blog, and it comes naturally that I always want to reply to what they say. Often (but not always) when I leave a comment on someone else's blog I go back a week or so later and always enjoy their replies, even if they are not specific to my comments (some people get dozens of comments!), it's kind of an extended dialogue.

A lot of my blog posts, the rambling ones where I am talking about anything other than doll making... that's kind of me thinking out loud if you like. Maybe no-one in my immediate circle has any thoughts on that subject, so I come here to sound it out, comments are particularly cool on those posts!

Just before Christmas I read quite a long post by a fellow UK doll maker who sounded as though she felt quite down and isolated. Questioning why she feels the need to keep making and filling up her shop with dolls that don't sell. I was moved to make what I hoped was a reassuring comment, or one that showed she was not alone anyway. She has never replied and this intrigued me, I have read a lot of her posts now, almost all very long and wordy, very much about her intense working process and if she gets replies she never answers, never enters any kind of dialogue. So for her I guess the blog is just a sounding post, an online notebook for her to write down her thoughts, but she is not interested in making connections through it.

It has made me think about my own blog and the conclusion I came to is that I am so thankful for those of you who read my often incoherent doodlings and very, very grateful for those precious replies. I live alone (don't pity me, after 2 decades of very fun filled house sharing I finally decided it was time to go it alone and am loving every minute of it!) but never feel isolated because even on those days where I stay here and don't do any real-world socialising, I get lots of emails and Skype and the lovely surprise of snippets and comments and simple Hellos from people across the globe. It feels like a privilege to be honest! So thanks for your support and keep them coming please... :o)

And if anyone is still feeling the January Blues, I have found spending a little on-line time with those adorable Bahamian Swimming Pigs does the trick! ;o)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carry on Sherlock? actually, please don't!

AND the fact that my favourite TV show has just descended into a Farce, quite literally, isn't helping lift my mood...

I LOVE Sherlock, but I have a horrible feeling our affair is over, after The Wedding episode. It should have been called Carry On Sherlock or Sherlock, Actually or 4 Weddings and an attempted Murder (a case so stiflingly stupid a 7 year old solved it for our distracted Consulting Detective, who had filled his brain so full of napkin folding trivia and place settings that couldn't even remember his own character as a result). I presume the fact that he kept mentioning that he was a "High Functioning Sociopath" and not a very nice person throughout the episode (and the interminably long Best Man's speech) was to try and remind Cumberbatch how the hell he was supposed to play this suddenly very altered personality?

What a huge pile of absolute twaddle! So sad to see such an enjoyable show go down the toilet in the space of 90 minutes. It's as though the writers have started to believe all the hype and assume they could throw boring old Conan Doyle out of the window and recreate the great detective as a comedy character, the sad sack side-kick of clever Doctor Watson who can actually manage to get a woman pregnant. We only get 3 episodes a series, I enjoyed the return but this final episode on Sunday has got to be spectacular to redeem itself for me now. Sadly I might be just sticking with my 2 series box set and crying my eyes out when Sherlock commits suicide at the end, because I will just have to wipe series 3 from my mind.

I might have to rewind to this moment. The phrase "No Sh*t, Sherlock" came to mind watching the wedding fiasco, what a shame!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Blues, anyone?

The lead up to Christmas was so intensive, trying to get so much made and finished, juggling freelance work  and the inevitable present buying frenzy. Then it all stopped abruptly, Christmas itself was a disorienting change of pace - and to be honest dragged on way too long  - I don't think I am a fan of mid-week Christmas!

Anyway, the decorations have been packed away and the New Year begun... except where is my sparkle? When am I going to start all those projects I have been planning? I forced myself to do book-keeping for the last few days and as ever dealing with numbers, and the tension they cause in my head (I have written about Dyscalculia before) has robbed me of all my get up and go. Either that or the insanely stormy weather.

I so need 2014 to be a better year, and yet I cannot find the enthusiasm for it right now. I just want to crawl back under the duvet and doze there until April.