Sunday, December 15, 2013

My new models

I used to have quite herd of BJD dolls but thinned them down to the bare  minimum over the Summer. Now I just have 3, two SD and one MSD, all by the Korean sculptors Dollstown. All my custom work is over for this year so I took advantage of the mild weather to work on my own dollies and gave some blank heads a much needed face-up. So meet little Seola and Elysia :o)


Yve said...

Can anyone else see the big black dot on the bottom doll's eye? That isn't on my photo... peculiar!

C said...

They are beautiful... I love the accessories too.

That's weird, yes, I can see the black dot on the second one's eye when looking at the pic in situ, but it disappears if I click to view the individual photo. V strange!

(Btw, I'm illustrating a Korean book at the moment, I find these international connections quite heartwarming!)

Yve said...

Hey, synchromicity... and I don't mean the Police song ;o) It's fab that you are getting so much work lately, long may it continue :o)

Yve said...