Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pooh Cornered!

I just did something really stupid. It is very sunny today and while my back was bad I didn't do that much house work, so my little cat Georgie has set about "carpeting" all my lovely wooden flooring with his fur... not to mention most of the kitchen surfaces too. He isn't allowed on them of course, it's just that he is a nervous sort and jumps at the slightest thing, this causes him to emit fluff in fright (and sometimes the odd fishy parp!) and later it settles on anything in it's downward trajectory, including me...

ANYWAY, this morning I decided to get dusting and cleaning and disinfecting, etc... you know the drill. So lastly I get out the old Mop & Bucket. I started mopping at the front door and worked backwards, right up to the kitchen sink at the back of the house, and that is where I realised I had done a Winnie The Pooh and painted myself into a corner... doh! I couldn't even reach the kettle. I stayed there for about 5 mins (funny how slowly a watched floor dries) until a puzzled Georgie walked in with muddy paws and set about sniffing and love-facing every corner of his newly clean home... he'd just got it how he likes it and I'd ruined things. Decided to admit defeat and followed him round erasing paw marks then made that cup of tea. You've got to know when you are beat ;o)