Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let it SNOW!!!!

Gggrrrr, why can't I get any of the snow effect gifs to work on my blog? I changed the background to pale blue but still couldn't see any flakes... Last night it began to snow here but soon changed to rain so I went from elation to "Doh" just the same as I have with this gif business :o(


Georgina said...

I've more or less given up on trying to "pretty or cool-up" my blog...sigh. I'm just not that techno savvy, but then, I still write hand-written letters!! LOL

What a mess, snow then rain...yuck! This ol' desert rat would run and hide for the entire winter. We're having gorgeous weather here in far West Texas, but that will soon change due to the Canadian front pushing it's way down south and all will be changed. So this desert rat will stay in Sun. when the bulk of this front will release all it's "frigidness" upon us, then it's back to lovely weather again.

Stay warm, my young friend, and do something less stressful or at least enjoy a glass of wine or shot of good tequila while trying to do something frustrating!! LOL


Yve said...

Hugs, Georgina, beginning to worry about you. You've been AWOl for a while, hope you are keeping Ok? :o) My friends in Canada have been complaining about all the snow, so yes, there is a cold wind heading your way. You need to make a big bowl of Chilli and hole up til the Spring xx