Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ripper Street - Dead(head)Wood in London?

Am I the only person in the Universe who thinks Ripper Street is a big pile of steaming horse doo?

As I adore a bit of Victoriana, have a guilty obsession with everything Ripper related and also love a good Western (did this many Londoners really carry guns back then?), surely I should love this show?

Eeerrrrrrrrr........... NO.

It feels like the script writer had a cynical checklist of every element of "Victorian London" (they shoehorned the Elephant Man in last night fer crying out loud!) that they copied from Wikipedia, then peopled it with over blown stereotypes and decided to have a fist fight and/or a shooting in every episode. It feels about as period evoking as "From Hell", the Johnny Depp as Abberline travesty that mangled Alan Moore's graphic novel. I have watched 4 instalments now (obviously 3 last year and last nights serving of caackka) and each time I found myself drifting off into mentally compiling shopping lists and cleaning out kitchen drawers, somewhere past 10 minutes in, then jolting back into the room just before the end credits as some kind of street law gets sanctioned by a jowly Matthew McFadden. Mainly because my TV tuned body clock knows it's almost time for a cup of tea.

Utter drivel and not even entertaining. I get the impression it has been tailored to BBC America (the token Yank reminds me of a pissed off Derren Brown rather unsettlingly and I keep hoping it will all have turned out to be a trick and the cast will be eaten by Zombies... no such Luck). Well, I don't care if everyone else raves about it, I can't bear to watch another minute... In fact I might have to dust off my Deadwood box set and immerse myself some quality Victorian squalor!


FairiesNest said...

I haven't seen it but it sounds dreadful. More of the same rot that keeps being made lately, it's gotten so we hardly watch anything. My son has been telling me to watch Deadwood for ages...maybe it's time.

Yve said...

Loads of people love it and so I wonder why I am not of the same opinion. I guess we can't love everything? ;o)