Friday, October 18, 2013

Martha Stewart hates us!!!

I can't upload a video here so please head over to Danita's blog to view the self-opininated ex-Jail-Bird Martha Stewart agreeing with an interviewer that Bloggers (social media... that's you and me, honey!) are "poor taste" and goes on to stick the boot in and dismiss bloggers with the statement "They are not the experts!"

She seems to have a big problem with people sharing recipe's in particular because they either haven't been tested by The Experts or  have been STOLEN from those self same Experts. Just a few beats earlier Stewart was crowing how Twitter (errrr, isn't that social media, Martha?) has been a wonderful TOOL for her company.

It's nice to know that Social Media is only acceptable to the likes of professional "home-maker" Martha Stewart when she can work it in her favour. On the subject of Recipes though, aren't all the best recipe's handed down from your granny? Isn't that where most tried and tested meals come from originally, even when modified by a chef... and who more qualified to test those recipes? You and I, and generations of other hungry people before us!

Martha, who has built her empire teaching your granny how to suck eggs US housewives how to do lot's of home styling, often based on well tried "down the generations" tips and crafting know how, seems to think that her customers (for that is who those pesky Bloggers actually are) should all shut up and sit around waiting to pay for her to tell them things. She is after all an EXPERT!!!!

I also notice that the previously Tax Evading Martha states she admires Amazon, I'm not surprised, they also seem very reluctant to pay their taxes ;o)


C said...

I'm going to have to buy a MS recipe book (off Amazon, natch)and start sharing them on my blog now, just for the hell of it ;-)

Yve said...

Well, you know, she is an EXPERT after all! ;o)

Sewing Box Designs said...

I'm wondering about that. Blogs touch our lives every day. So many people turn to blogs before the news now for societal support, hobbies, specific information that's important to them.

Martha never enters my life unless it's to shove her discarded brand stuff aside to get to the real bargains in the store. You can always find her stuff dumped on the shelf next to the items of the same type but more family budge friendly price. Like I need a Martha blue or green colored plastic toilet brush when the white one for 10$ less will clean my toilet just as nice.

Rant over. >.>;; Blog on!

Yve said...

It's true that she seems to want as big a market share as Hello Kitty in Japan... Martha Stewart coffins next?