Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP pics

It's kind of annoying when you are really in the swing and something comes along that interrupts your progress, it's always hard to get back "in the zone". First I got a stomach bug then realised that the last unopened pack of Paper clay I had stashed away was actually a figment of my imagination... and had a 2 week wait to get some more!

Still I have 3 big new blocks here now so I can make some hands and feet for these odd ladies and then start dressing and wigging them ;o)


C said...

I love seeing these embyronic versions of the beautiful dolls yet to come!
I know exactly what you mean about being 'in the zone'. I need to know that I have a complete block of time to do things in, even just having a dentist's appointment puts me out and sets me back...! Hope you're properly over your stomach bug now too.

Yve said...

Yes thanks, in the manic "comfort eating zone" right now, putting on all the weight I just lost... and a bit more besides probably ;o)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Love your dolls and seeing the process.

Yve said...

Thanks Nicole, coming to visit you right now ;o)