Monday, August 12, 2013

Rowan, finished doll

Here she is finished :o) She will probably go in the shop tomorrow when I have gotten some shipping quotes.


Dreamspirations Gallery said...

Ooooohh She is lovely! I want that outfit for myself! :D

Rhissanna said...

Oh, my goodness. She is just wonderful. Your witch dolls are amazing creatures and I can see why they'd sell all year round.

Unknown said...

Yve, she turned out beautifully!
It is what I love about doll making the unpredictable.
I haven't made a doll in ages so busy with family, work and study but your work is keeping me inspired.
Thank you for always posting a comment on my little blogs, much appreciated.

Yve said...

Thanks for the sweet comments :o) I am battling with her sister doll (I made them at the same time so think of them that way). She is proving a lot more tricky, almost went in the bind a few times this week! I will take some pictures later this week :o)

Yve said...

I mean went in the BIN... doh!