Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cult of Doll

Grace Garton (Little Black Crow Studios) and I are setting up a new art doll project called Cult of Doll and looking for members to get the ball rolling. It is a long term project with actually quite minimal commitment required from most members but hopefully every two years we will have put together a really wonderful online collection of art dolls and weird and wonderful stories to boot. You can read all about the project here: and if you sell dolls on etsy then also check out our new etsy team here:

Because we need to create a unified theme and design for the Almanac (a biannual collection of the members work) membership applications will have to be vetted to make sure we have a diverse yet coherent thread running through each publication. Prospective members must be comfortable with writing some kind of back story for their doll, however short, as the aim is to produce a rather odd story book, a Grimm's Fairytale compendium of art dolls if you like ;o)

Sound interesting? Then we would love to hear from you, drop a comment on the Cult of Doll blog or apply to join the etsy team.

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