Friday, July 26, 2013

Paper Doll giveaway - buy one, get one free!

I recently had some major computer issues and lost almost 2 years worth of backed up files (YES, 2 years worth!!!) which means that some of my Freaky Little Things paper dolls are now gone for good :o(

Happily I do still have the files to print out 3 of my Vampire Showgirl Paper Dolls and have just listed them in my shop (Nightshade dolls that is). Because I can no longer print anymore copies of 2 other designs, I will be giving away the last assembled paper copies of Lola and Wilhelmina (shown below, I don't even have a photo of Lola!) to the first two people to buy a Paper Doll from my shop. Each sale gets one free doll, so if you buy 2 dolls you still get just one free if that makes sense? :o)

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