Saturday, June 22, 2013

End of June Sale!!!

I am having an end of June SALE at my etsy shop with every listed item at crazily reduced prices. I have some new things on the way so hopefully we can clear the decks for the incoming work. Check the sale here.


Papillon Bleu said...

Yve!!! It is so nice to hear from you!
I see you have been extremely busy in dolly world and in Blogland! ( the Bollywood post made me laugh and it seems I was lucky not too have been on Blogger for a while!).

The doll featuring on this post is absolutely exquisite and so delicate!
I wish you all the best with your sales.


Yve said...

Thanks Patricia and good to hear your news, I always worry when someone goes MIA so it's nice to know everything is going so well away from blog/doll land ;o)