Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rest in Peace little Minnie

I feel so sad right now, this weekend has been a blur. On Saturday morning I had to make a really difficult decision and took my poor sweet little 8 year old kitty, Matilda, to be put to sleep. She very recently developed a tumour on her liver and her health deteriorated so quickly and dramatically. It is hard to believe that when we moved to this new house on June 1st, she was, as far as I knew then, perfectly healthy. Only 4 weeks and now she is gone.

It was so hard to say goodbye to such a young and funny little friend. She has been with me through some very difficult times, always sleeping on my bed since the first night she stayed with me. She was feral, around 18 months old, had already had at least one litter of kittens and had a very distinct personality. She had seen her kittens adopted one by one at the Cat Rescue, but no-one wanted Mama cat until me, maybe that was why she quickly became so attached to me, following me everywhere, even walking to the shops with me wherever we lived and when she couldn't leave the house, waiting in a window for me to come home. We moved house several times, from Yorkshire to Wales from Wales to Buckinghamshire and back again. I didn't know that Rhuddlan to here would be our last move together. It feels very empty here suddenly. My other cat, George, has been looking for her in all the usual spots, I think it will take a while for either of us to accept she is gone.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

End of June Sale!!!

I am having an end of June SALE at my etsy shop with every listed item at crazily reduced prices. I have some new things on the way so hopefully we can clear the decks for the incoming work. Check the sale here.