Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flickr RUINED!!!!

What the F*ck? I get an email from Flickr this morning telling me how great "the new" flickr is going to be if you have a free account... considering they have spent the last 6 months flashing messages at me at every turn encouraging me to go pro I wasn't amused.... then I sign in to my trusty Flickr account page and... what the hell have they done?????

Why ruin something that was so great? Flickr was plain, simple and easy to use, it was all about the photos and didn't have lots of useless flashy programming that just slows up your browser and adds nothing to the user experience except frustration. Now it's all black screens (I HATE black screens!) and I can't seem to comment on anyone's photos and couldn't even add my name to the petition to get Flickr to change back... because I can't comment on ANYTHING now.

Everyone makes mistakes and unless Flickr quickly adds an option for us to change back to how it was then I for one will be deleting all my photos and closing my account. I'm so sad, I LOVED flickr :o(


Mary Ann said...

OMG what have they done!!! I didn't know about the change until you blogged about it as I haven't been using it lately. It's horrible:(

Steinworks said...

you know there are a lot of people who change things because they think it's for the best...those are the people that I would like to walk up them and slap the S&*^ out of them.

Yve said...

I think it's the arrogance of telling your users (many of whom are fee paying) that you know what's best for them and rolling out a whole raft of changes on one day without any prior warning with so many bugs that the whole site was un-useable yesterday.

It took me almost 2 hours to put links to 3 of my photos on a sales thread on a doll forum yesterday, should have taken 5 minutes but Flickr kept freezing and when it was moving it went SSsssssssoooo SSsslllloooooooowwwwwlllllyyy.

If they had brought these changes in gradually they could have fixed the bugs as they went along and actually given users the chance to react and tell them if they actually liked/wanted those changes! Dread to think what they will do with Tumblr!!!

Georgina said...

How I've been out of the loop!! I had no idea that Flikr was misbehaving, like so many other sites. I too have a free account but haven't received anything yet or perhaps I did and discarded it as spam...who knows. One of my favorite sayings, especially when it comes to user-friendly technology ( and I say, "user friendly" loosely) is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!"

I'll have to check my account but that I'll save for a later time. Also, Yve, thank you for your kind words concerning my mother. We have to make some very major and difficult decisions in the next few weeks and I need all the strength I can muster. Again, thank you from this crazy Mexican lady from Texas!!


Yve said...

You are only as crazy as me Georgina... oh hell, that gives you plenty of room to manoeuver!

Mary Ann said...

My son just told me that Google just bought Tumblr....so are they trying to make Flickr and new Tumblr?

Yve said...

Hi Mary Ann, no Yahoo bought Tumblr and acquired Flickr about 5 years back. They have just decided it has to start earning them some money I guess and want to attract lots of advertisers, so are making it into a different kind of site. It's just that they don't seem to care f they drive away the existing users.