Sunday, May 12, 2013

Absences and apologies

I haven't had much time to get on the blogs and read/comment on all your posts lately, and definitely nothing to post about myself - that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot going on here of course! I turned 50 this week (eeek!) and am in the process of packing up all my belongings once again to move house at the end of the month. I won't blog again until I have settled in, so maybe check back in mid June.

Reluctantly saying goodbye to this view at the end of the months, but really looking forward to my new home :o)

Moving to a new studio/work room is a great opportunity to have a clear out, (Didn't I just move in here 18 months ago??) and a lot of the craft stuff  I have accumulated in this small flat simply will never get used and so is now going to the tip. I don't enjoy throwing away perfectly good craft items and fabric trims that other artists might be very pleased to have BUT in the past when I have listed these bits and bobs as "destash" in my etsy shop, or laboriously listed them on Ebay, they have sold so slowly and erratically that it has not been worth the effort. Photographing, weighing/packing for postage and writing out all the listings... it takes a lot of effort and time (then you still have to store it all in the unlikely event any of it actually sells) so this time - into the bin it goes!

I feel a kind of buzzy high as black bin bags full of clutter get taken away (I am making myself sound like one of those crazy hoarder ladies, but show me an artist or crafter who doesn't have boxes and drawers full of mystery items that "might come in hand one day"... then never do) and I feel pretty sure that this excitement will translate into a period of intense activity once the new work room is set up. This is the time of year when my freelance design work traditional gets a little quieter so at least I will have some time to get round to my own work again and I am hoping that lots of art dolls will be stocking the shop by the end of the Summer. I have already drawn up a new pattern and started working on some new BJD hats :o)

So I have made myself a May Resolution, from now when I post on this blog it will be like old times, pics of work in progress and lots of arty things I am working on, I promise, watch this space....


kay susan said...

Good luck with the move. Have you got a scrap store near you, or maybe a secondary school art department would like some of your craft goods?

C said...

Just to say - good to see you again, very many happy belated birthday wishes, and lots of luck with the move and creative ventures once you get your new space!

Yve said...

Thanks Ladies :o) Everything is already at the tip and in my experience of donating stuff to schools the whole "health & Safety" BS makes that a thankless task these days sadly.