Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On the move again sadly...

Yesterday was a beautiful early Spring day, warm and sunny, little crocus and daffs poking up out of the tubs in my yard, sun sparkling on the river and my Kitties sunning themselves out the back. My friend the gander has just arrived back on the river after his winter trip to warmer climes and this year I hope he finds a mate... yes, yesterday was perfect and I was looking forward to my second summer here in Rhuddlan in this little flat I enjoy living in so much....

Until I got a phone call from the Landlady's agents saying she is putting it on the market!

Fab, just when I was starting to feel really settled. Having had to rent my whole life I have had more addresses than the average Gypsy and never been able to put down roots anywhere. If you have to move every year or so why just move down the road, why not move to a whole new area and get to see the rest of the country? I got so fed up of my enforced nomadic existence about 8 years ago that I moved back in with my Mum!!!

Constantly being on the move is costly, I am 49 and own stuff, even furniture, because I have found that having my own stuff around me to feather each new nest at least gives me some feeling of security. Plus, these days 'unfurnished" means you don't even get a fridge or washing machine so now renters have to cart all that stuff around with them too! I had to buy all curtains and window fittings to live here, more needless expense that I will never get back. Also, as a pet owner, not every rented property is available to me.

I wish I could just buy somewhere but I have been mostly self-employed throughout my career and never been able to save up enough of a deposit because of the escalating costs of constant moving. Now I guess I am too old to get a mortgage without a HUGE deposit to put down and the cost of housing in the UK is so damn high I could never make the sums work anyway. As my mother said years ago, I should invest in a Gypsy Caravan and take to the roads!


C said...

Really sorry to hear this, Yve. It's such a difficult one. Would there be any way that the Landlady could be persuaded to keep on renting it to you? (But I guess she wants the lump sum...)

I know of someone who lived in a converted bus for a while and loved it - then she got herself a houseboat which suited her even better... Maybe there is another option?! Perhaps now is the time to buy a cheap gite in France? ;-)
I do hope you can find somewhere just right, with the minimum of hassle, wherever and whatever it may be.

Maggie Latham said...

I'm new to your blog and am enjoying your posts. What about a caravan on a perm site? Owning stuff is both reassuring and a bug bear at the same time, my husband and I are both artists and every time we move two thirds of our stuff is art related. Framed paintings are the worst and hubby's sculpting supplies!!! Hope everything works out for you.

Yve said...

Thanks ladies. I have found a lovely little house to move to in a quaint little village in the hills, and best of all it has a proper garden!!! The Kitties and I will love that come the summer ;o) I move on June 1st.

I know what you mean Maggie, creative people have so much more to lug around than the average renter, but it's such a big part of who we are.