Saturday, March 2, 2013

A slice of Magnolia Pearl Heaven for sale and a Giveaway

Pearl & John Gray of Magnolia Pearl fame are selling up their amazing 12 acre ranch in Texas and offering two stunning outfits worth around  $2,000 between them in a contest to advertise the property. If you would like a chance to enter and look at the rest of the pics, follow this link. Here is my favourite of the two outfits up for grabs and some pics of the ranch, which has been painstakingly personalised and 'antiqued' with paint techniques:


Georgina said...

Lovely!! Do you know if it's in the Hill Country? That's a beautiful area in my state of Texas. I would love to live in a place like that, but I'd hate to think what the property taxes must be like...OY!!! We don't have an income tax in this state, so the powers that be, tax the hell out of our properties.

Anyway, off the subject since I'm not a fan of our governor, Hair Gawd Perry. Lovely place and great outfit!!


Yve said...

I thought of you living here when I saw this place! Plenty of room for your extended family and you could all eat out in the grounds under the stars ;o)

Abi said...

Ok, this confused me. Not difficult I know... name change... but, I do believe earlier today I saw your eye, on flickr, and thought someone had stolen your eye..then got side tracked and forgot to check... and here I am now... doing just that.
I obviously have much catching up to do.... Love the new name it must be said. And I love those rooms! takes my breath away.

Yve said...

Ha ha, those pesky eye thieves!!! You used to live in Texas, too, didn't you Abi? Not tempted to move back and get out of the snow???? :o)

Abi said...

Yes - we lived in Texas and hell no, don't want to move back! Looks like we are moving to Pennsylvania... more snow, but fabulous scenery...!

Yve said...

Pennsylvania? Isn't that very rural too, it's over the East coast isn't it? Nearer dear old Blighty ;o)