Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TV Trauma

This is only going to make sense if you are in the UK, but, please, please, please, will someone tell me when it is safe to turn the TV back on again?

I'm talking about the nauseating family who play charades in those awful idents on ITV, apparently there to promote some brand of whisky or other. Obviously not doing their job very well as I can't remember which brand. They first appeared over Christmas... a time when there is never much reason to turn on the TV anyway, so not much harm done... but it's mid February now! I was kind of hoping they would have been sucked up that black hole with the Go-Compare idiot and all the Meerkats by now :o(


C said...

I think we must have been spared that annoying family over here in the far East - it's not ringing any bells. I'll readily admit though that I do have a soft spot for the meerkats! Not the ads so much as the way they use them at the start/midway break on Coronation St. I'm just so impressed by the way their faces and their body language say SO much with so little; those animators have real talent. I'll happily be inspired by them for my own animal character poses!
Glad I haven't got kids though, imagine the pressure to get your insurance through them just for meerkat toys...

Steinworks said...

you can always complain to the network, I'm sure they'll love to hear from you :)

I complained to them about Doctorwho being shown a week late in the America's two years ago..I asked them were we being punished for dumping their tea in the ocean

I never heard back from them but I know they got the message :)

Yve said...

Steinworks, it's not the Networks, it's just the Tardis getting a bit old and cranky ;o) Plus, spare a thought for us in the UK who get to see all the big US shows months & months later and pretty much always after lots of American viewers have posted spoilers all over the Internet. We are over the Tea incident but can we have a new series of Justified some time this century please?

C: consider yourself very lucky! I do find the Meerkats pretty endearing really, just fed up of all the merchandising in the shops... pretty rich considering I regularly design Licensed Character stuff!

BlackCrow said...

Ahhhhh the Meerkats!
Australian tv is just as appaling. I never watch commercial TV which means I'm out of the loop with everybody around me.

Yve said...

Grace, I think you are better off... until recently I hadn't watched TV for 5 years! Didn't miss much ;o)