Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big News - Sad News

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about doll making... or rather, the fact that I no longer seem to have any time to do just that. I still love making dolls and doubt I will ever completely give it up, but right now, having a website, a blog, an etsy shop - all dedicated to Freaky Little Things (and the dolls I no longer have time to make) seems a little crazy. It just all makes me feel guilty that I am not making anything new, but until I figure out how to clone myself, that ain't going to happen!

When Art Dolls Only finished, the carrot and stick which kept me working away at the dolls just disappeared, so did the camraderie of being part of such a big group of like minded creatives. Since then I have done very little with Freaky Little Things to be honest. Also, the name Freaky Little Things itself doesn't really suit the critters I make anymore, another reason to rethink things.

I've gotten so used to blogging I can't imagine stopping, so for now I will continue to ramble on aimlessly post here, but I am closing my etsy shop and the website (the one I only just managed to get back up, yes, THAT one!). They no longer serve a purpose.

When I figure out what I am going to do next I will let you know...


C said...

I can understand the need to rethink things when situations change - but hope you won't do anything too rash! And please keep blogging whatever else you do or don't do! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

Yve said...

Thanks C, same here :o)

I can't imagine shutting up, I am Welsh after all. I am really enjoying drawing, painting, making images again in my spare time and just don't want to feel guilty about having nothing to list in the shop anymore, so until I figure out what's next, time for a break.

Rhissanna said...

The dolls wll come back.How can I sound so certain? I realised I was spending all day here, and not at the needle and thread, and tried to work out what I wanted more; this, or a new doll coming to life. t's a juggling act but it can be done. Goood luck (I hope you make some more dolls)

Yve said...

Thanks for the support Rhissanna, I can't imagine I will ever completely stop making dolls. I just don't feel as though Freaky Little Things is the right fit anymore.

We will see, for the moment I am just content to see all the lovely dolls you all make and live vicariously through you ;o)

Rhissanna said...

*blushes furiously* Thank you! That's very sweet of you to say!
Take time to breath new air and get inspired. As you pointd out, you live in Wales. I've been. Lots! It's stunning! (And that's from a Geordie so you know it must be true. Or they wouldn't keep using our accent in adverts.)