Monday, February 4, 2013

Bah... Valentine's Humbug!

Call me a grouchy singleton but I am pretty sick of Valentine's Day already and there is still 10 more days of over priced roses and forced sentimentality to go. I quite like thinking behind Etsy's current "Anti-Valentine's Day" campaign although in reality it is just another slightly skewed marketing ploy.

You are probably thinking this is just sour grapes (over priced ones - with little love hearts printed on them, no doubt) but I have never really liked the idea that you have to express your feelings on one day of the year along with everyone else on the planet. I'm not sure emotions that can be turned on and off at will like a tap make me feel special...

Someone remind me of this next time I have had too much wine/mascara thinner and start whining about how nobody loves me!

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