Sunday, January 6, 2013


My WIP blog posts are usually about doll making, but as the illustrations/paintings I'm working on in my spare time right now are intended as personal work for my online folio (which no longer exists because the older stuff seems like someone's else's work almost now) I figured I could share some thumbnails and prep sketches maybe.

My old style just doesn't relate to me anymore, and over the years when work has been scarce I have done a lot of chopping and changing to suit what the job/art director required. Kind of ironic that so many young illustrators are now imitating the work of well established 80's artists (ha ha, not that I could ever have been called "established" -even at my busiest I flew by the seat of my pants!). The irony being that they produce this "hommage" work on a Mac while many of those original illustrators kind of fell by the wayside due to their failure to adapt to the sea-change of the computer graphics age! A lesson for us all really, there is no point digging your heels in?

While I am trying to evolve this new style I have decided to work on a few subjects that just relate to my little interior world rather than the usual topics you see in spec portfolios. That way I hope to draw more freely rather than what I imagine those who commission illustrators right now want to see... that will come later. I don't want to chop and change anymore, I do that enough in my heavily fashion influenced design work already.

Anyway, channeling Rolf Harris for a moment... can you tell what it is yet?


C said...

Beautiful, Yve. So free and so confident looking. I really like this style and envy you your ability to work so successfully in pen and ink. There's nothing like the marks that come directly from your hand onto the paper: an 'essence' that just can't be mimicked by a computer!

Yve said...

Thanks C but I will probably kill it once it's in photoshop, I have a knack for over working things! I want to get a kind of vintage photograph mixed with a messy paint style sort of mash-up going on... otherwise it's back to the pen and ink

Georgina said...

Hey Yve, it's been a while since I've come by blogger...good to see you still add it. As for graphics, it's all Greek to me. My son returned to university, after earning his degree in environmental architecture, and got another in graphic design. He's great at drawing, and his computer stuff is pretty good too. Between us, his work lacks spirit. Is it correct to say that, that work done on a computer, lacks spirit? I don't have the heart to tell him, but I think he knows it too.

Oh well, I'm at a creative "stahl" and hope I snap out of it soon. With my mother's age and illness' that come with a 90 year old lady, it's sucks out any and all energy and creativity...let's just say it all SUCKS!! LOL

Have a great week and your work, as always.


Yve said...

Glad to have you back Georgina. Sorry to hear about your Mum but I'm sure she has plenty of that spirit you talk about! Your family seems to fizz with it!

Your son just needs more time on the computer, that's all it takes to free up and get some flow back into the work, it will come. Must come over your blog and see what you've been up to later ;o)