Sunday, January 20, 2013


 How sad to read that Jon Finch, the actor I had such a huge teenage crush on, died over Christmas. I wrote a blog post about him here.  He certainly had the talent and looks to be a huge star and reading this obituary I am relieved to hear that his relatively low key career was his own choice. It's kind of reassuring to know that not everyone chases fame.


C said...

I never knew any of that, thanks for sharing - I loved the quotes from him in that Guardian article, sounds like he had a really sound attitude. With those looks and talent he could so easily have sold his soul to showbusiness... Ironically though I realise the fact that I didn't know any of that about him before is exactly because he didn't!
Anyway I hope he did have a really happy and fulfilled life, without those frivolous trappings of fame.

Yve said...

I read a short obituary in another newspaper this weekend and they made him sound quite lonely and forgotten at the end so I was really glad I found that article; if you read the comments there are several from his ex-partner and mother of his Daughter. He may have been alone when he died but it doesn't sound as though his life was lonely or without family and friends, which is reassuring to know.

Funny how the death of someone you don't know (have never met, have no relationship to at all) can move you.