Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of course I believe in Fairies - Alex CF

Meticulous attention to detail and highly entertaining, watch the little film!

Alex CF

It all reminds me of my Granddad, who went to such great lengths to convince me that fairies really lived at the bottom of our garden when I was a child. I would frequently 'discover' things that they had carelessly left behind during the night, the most memorable being their "bathroom" under a snowberry bush. There was a teeny weeny toilet roll and a white fluffy towel draped over a branch next to the bath. Obviously now it occurs to me that the Victorian looking ceramic bathroom set was from a dollhouse, but the majority of the things he would leave around the garden were hand made. It was a big garden but he always seemed to know exactly where my cousins and I would go looking next ;o)


C said...

His stuff is amazing. What an idea too - really different. Can imagine in hundreds of years' time the archaeologists of the day finding some of them and having to re-write history!
Loved your story of the fairy evidence; your granddad must have had such pleasure watching you find them...

Yve said...

Hw was a very lively and mischievous guy ;o)