Thursday, January 10, 2013

Misshapen identity

Ever been mistaken for a celebrity?

Back in the days when WetWetWet were a regular feature on Top of the Pops (and back in the days of TOTP obviously) my friend Stu was regularly hounded for Marti Pellow's autograph... Stu was very cute and had spikey black hair but looked nothing like the singer, I think he enjoyed the attention though. HotHotHot!

I, on the other hand, seem to have been 'blessed' with a random collection of mismatched photofit features and pretty much wait for the moment when any new acquaintance triumphantly says "Do you know who you remind me of?" (that's a phrase that always strikes fear into my heart... mainly because it proves my invisibility device needs new batteries again!) and then reveals the name of some completely random woman who also has dark eyes and hair... there never seems to be much overlap between the unusual suspects (except that they do have eyes and hair, obviously) apart from the colouring.

I did once get asked for an autograph too though, mistaken for Julie Walters by a merry myopic couple in a Spanish bar shortly after the film "Educating Rita" (already kind of an old film by then) had finished showing on the TV. What's the protocol for these situations, I should have asked Stu when I had the chance? I figured they had enjoyed happy hour enough not to notice that I had signed my own name on their serviette and made a sharp exit. I look nothing like her either... eeeerrrrrrrr

Except for today. Belatedly inspired by Olympic Fever (everything takes it's own sweet time to get to North Wales!) I bent over to tickle the cat with a gymnastic flourish this morning and did my back in. I passed the hall mirror and was struck really forcibly by the resemblance to Ms Walters in another role entirely. Yes, that's right, Mrs Overall - enjoy...


C said...

Oh no! Hope your back recovers asap... nevertheless any likeness to Mrs Overall is a comical thought - classic clip.
I've had strange likenesses mentioned to me - from Kylie Minogue to a ("young" version of, apparently, they said kindly...) June Whitfield! Other people must see faces differently to the way that I do! I mostly get mistaken for non-famous people that I don't know, though, and have strangers stop for a chat in the street or wave from across the road. I still don't know who my local doppelganger is, but I wonder if she gets told she looks like Kylie and June too...
Mr SDS used to get mistaken for Marc Almond and Bill Wyman. One time we were in Camden Market and a stallholder was so convinced he was Marc that he insisted he didn't pay for his pot of hairgel (you could only get the good stuff in London in those days!). Another time we were in a pub in Cornwall and overheard a couple gossiping while they stared at us about the fact that he wasn't with Mandy Smith. (No, he was with me.) I don't how people see these likenesses but I think it must be wishful thinking half the time...!

Yve said...

Marc Almond with Mandy Smith, a match made in hell! I know what you mean, don't see much resemblance between Almond and Bill Wyman but I can definitely see Kylie aging into June Whitfield, so at least yours were consistent and nice!

Another Stu I used to work with, 6ft something and not even slightly ladylike, is often mistaken for his mother on the phone when he's at his parents house. They're Glaswegian and I always found this quite baffling until he answered the phone to me one day and I noticed that he always begins sentences quite high and then reverts to his normal voice. I guess he doesn't realise he's doing it... and also explains why my impersonation of him always turned out like the little girl from the Piano :o)