Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Talks

We were talking on C's Blog recently about how listening to new music seems slip away from time to time... then it comes back full force.

I'm not a particularly folksy gal but I have had Of Men and Monsters latest album on repeat since I downloaded it and always have to watch the video for Little Talks at the end. It add so much to the song and is just so imaginative and a beautiful piece of animation... oh, and I would like a five eyed pet Volcano Demon Monster like the wooly dude at the end, please. Take a peek:

I so miss the old days of blogger when we all had jukeboxes, before they made them inaccessible in the UK because of copyright issues, I notice lots of US blogs still have them. I think it's a shame because while I don't want to infringe any artist's rights, it did help spread the word and get people listening to music they might never have come across otherwise.


C said...

Oh thank you for putting this on! That video is amazing, so imaginative, beautiful, different and so much going on, I'm going to have to keep re-watching to catch all the little details I may have missed each previous time. I wonder how long it takes to make something like that?
I like the song too... I'm not familiar with them. I think I'm going to have to make some changes to my listening habits next year!

Yve said...

It's lovely isn't it? The band are Icelandic which I guess has influenced the look of the vid too. I don't know how much computers have speeded up animation, it's always a labour of love I guess :o)

BlackCrow said...

Hi Yve..just what I needed to start off my morning..played it nice and loud and widescreen..visually stunning! I didn't know they were Icelandic..but now I can hear there is a bit of Bjork about it.
Oh my favorite song is on the radio..

Yve said...

Thanks Grace, just had Steve Harley - Make me smile for breakfast... that's a song that does what it says on the tin!