Sunday, December 30, 2012

Creature of the Night!

What is it about the Christmas break? Any break from tight deadlines and ringing phones for me anyway? I always flip back to being nocturnal in a relatively short space of time.... how exactly did I sleep until 3.30pm today? How did I find myself going to bed at almost 3am and then getting up repeatedly because something came into my head and... hey, I live alone, I can do what I want...

I am thankfully drawing again, Hallelujah!!!! (think Handel not Cohen). Sketching out ideas for the first time in what seems like years, probably IS years... stuff is just pouring out of my head onto paper and for some reason that seems to affect my body clock... I have gone back to my art college days, my art college ways... By January the 2nd I will need to revert to convention and work in daylight but right now I am enjoying keeping company with badgers, owls and bats... and my inky fingers!

Hopefully have something to show you soon :o)


C said...

Yve, that sounds brilliant, just drawing away and being really free. Look forward to seeing some!
I'm in the opposite situation now in a way - I'm on some final artwork so I'm spending all day painting rather than drawing - I find it really hard to paint in artificial light, the way it reflects when wet and the colours look different, it puts me off and I never feel I paint as accurately. So I'm restricted by the length (i.e. shortness!) of these gloomy winter days and finding it a struggle! By the time it gets dark I've run out of steam! If I had my way I'd just draw in winter and only paint in summer ;-)

Yve said...

I totally agree, our climate is rubbish for painting or doing any finished work in winter - we should all decamp to the South of France!

The light is weird and blue right now even when the sun IS out. I had to send some Pantone mark ups out before Christmas and I am sure I have picked the most horrid colours, but what can we do?

I am working mainly in black and white right now for these drawings, I want everything to be kind of graphic, and will work in coloured areas at a later date... this could all come to nothing, but I am enthused right now! Which has to be a good thing ;o)