Sunday, December 30, 2012

Creature of the Night!

What is it about the Christmas break? Any break from tight deadlines and ringing phones for me anyway? I always flip back to being nocturnal in a relatively short space of time.... how exactly did I sleep until 3.30pm today? How did I find myself going to bed at almost 3am and then getting up repeatedly because something came into my head and... hey, I live alone, I can do what I want...

I am thankfully drawing again, Hallelujah!!!! (think Handel not Cohen). Sketching out ideas for the first time in what seems like years, probably IS years... stuff is just pouring out of my head onto paper and for some reason that seems to affect my body clock... I have gone back to my art college days, my art college ways... By January the 2nd I will need to revert to convention and work in daylight but right now I am enjoying keeping company with badgers, owls and bats... and my inky fingers!

Hopefully have something to show you soon :o)

Saturday, December 29, 2012


A few emails over the last few days have prompted me to have an extensive blog pruning session. I guess with time on our hands over the hols a few of us have spent time rummaging through old blog Giveaways and a couple of you have found offers I made a few years back and asked me if I still have the images to send to you.

Sadly, I never kept back-up copies of those images/sample sheets and once the Giveaway offer was over I erased them from my desktop. So I spent yesterday routing through 4 years of my often incoherent ramblings to delete those offers once and for all and try to remove lots of links to photographs that no longer exist. So at least my blog is ready for the New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Talks

We were talking on C's Blog recently about how listening to new music seems slip away from time to time... then it comes back full force.

I'm not a particularly folksy gal but I have had Of Men and Monsters latest album on repeat since I downloaded it and always have to watch the video for Little Talks at the end. It add so much to the song and is just so imaginative and a beautiful piece of animation... oh, and I would like a five eyed pet Volcano Demon Monster like the wooly dude at the end, please. Take a peek:

I so miss the old days of blogger when we all had jukeboxes, before they made them inaccessible in the UK because of copyright issues, I notice lots of US blogs still have them. I think it's a shame because while I don't want to infringe any artist's rights, it did help spread the word and get people listening to music they might never have come across otherwise.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Website back up!

There really isn't that much to look at, too much to finish and photograph and upload, but I thought maybe I should just go live and let it slowly evolve, hope you like it ;o)


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I hope there are no crows in the sky...

Changed my icon to my right eye... it's symbolic of a change I am trying to make... I want a constant reminder of something I have forgotten or let slip away, the fact that I am an eye, I see and my hands interpret. For a few years my icon has been a profile pic of me looking off into the distance and has proved to be oddly prophetic. I'm just passive and waiting and distanced, stalled, personal projects get abandoned, put aside, what am I waiting for?

I have always drawn, since I was very small, and my thoughts are all over sketch books that have no relevance once they are finished and get thrown away. They are just a means to an end, a series of ends, always ongoing. But I stopped drawing a few years back, 6 in fact. Yes, I have made brief forays back to the sketch pad and produced paper dolls or whatever, and in my design work I draw constantly and under pressure. The problem is that I produce pretty images to fit a product or someone else's idea of what that product needs (don't chose "design" if you are hung up on self-expression!). I also produce them on a tablet straight into the mac. I rarely even stop to do a thumbnail sketch anymore because this has become like second nature... it isn't the same as physically drawing though.

It definitely isn't the same as having the tiny seed of an idea, working on it and expanding it and cropping, changing, tweaking until it grows into something I probably wasn't expecting. I love that aspect of drawing so much, it's when I forget all about myself and my stupid problems. It also let's me break free from my bubble of self obsession, self doubt, self consciousness, self, self, self, etc... you have to look outside yourself and drawing makes me confident. I become so interested in what I am doing that I forget about me altogether and want to be around people, exchange ideas and live instead of existing.

I feel like a snail poking a wary eye out on a stalk to take a look around, I've been in this shell too damn long... wish me luck!