Sunday, September 30, 2012

more Tituba wip Pics

She is almost finished. The candle stick is lost under all those skirts which form a kind of bustle at the back. She is holding a pumpkin made from antique silk velvet and a piece of driftwood for the stalk. Her hair is made from twisted multicoloured soft silk fibres. She just needs hat now, of course, and possibly a neck choker.

I haven't sold anything from my etsy shop since around May/June so thought I might give the dreaded Ebay a try again - not 100% decided yet so if you are interested in her check back here on Monday/Tuesday as I will have to wrap her and get postal quotes before I list her anywhere. Halloween is almost here!


Rhissanna said...

Ooh! She is really lovely.I love her expression and the smudgy mascara eyes. That pumpkin looks really tactile and the colour is wonderful against the dark dress. I hope she sells on Ebay. It's a frustrating business, selling dolls.

Yve said...

I agree, it's trying to make people aware that they are there in the first place I find. Etsy has gotten so big now, you kind of get lost in a sea of shops.

alice rose said...

So so beautiful! and yes what a gorgeous pumpkin too ♥